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Top box office grossing films in 3D

  With 'Jurassic World' comprehensively stomping over every other film last summer we thought we’d have a look at the top 10 earning 3D movies...

Top Thirteen Supernatural films at the box office

Here's a list of the Top Thirteen (spooky!) grossing 'supernatural' horror films: 1.The Exorcist - $441,306,145 2.The Conjuring -$318,000,141 3. Annabelle - $256,873,813 4. The Ring -$249,348,933 5. The...

More ‘The Force Awakens’ box office facts…..

Inevitably 'The Force Awakens' has done rather well so facts fans here's some facts: There has been an awakening and the UK and Ireland have...

So just what records has The Force Awakens broken?

As expected 'The Force Awakens' has made a few quid and to date here's how much and the records its broken so far: Fastest to...