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The Upside – REVIEW

You’re an actor at the top of your game when your agent sends you that script with the upside of a challenging role playing...

The Disaster Artist – REVIEW

Few would doubt that a director like Michael Bay would be wholly unsuited to directing an arthouse film or that Amanda Holden would be...

Isle of Dogs – TRAILER

The animation market seems to be taken over by Pixar films but this years CARS 3 was a disappointment by anyone's standards and we've...

Power Rangers…….

Like some latex  fetishists dreams the Power Rangers are back in brand new spangly costumes that conveniently cover the faces of the stunt men...

Why Him? – REVIEW

With Christmas almost here the Editor has his in-laws at his house and they’re rather partial to sherry. Not having any in the house...

The Infiltrator – REVIEW

Bryan Cranston continues to cement his reputation with another study study in character that means his face alone on the poster is enough to...