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Frankenstein – UHD BLU-RAY

After the success of Francis Ford Coppola 1992 version of Dracula the studios were looking for further classy classic monster movie adaptations and Frankenstein...

Enola Holmes – TRAILER

So we thought we'd had just about every incarnation possible of Sherlock Holmes but now Netflix continue with their run of one off films...

Ocean’s 8 – REVIEW

Having missed Oceans 1 -7 we now have Ocean's 8 another heist film this time played with an all female cast as a counterpart...

Look who’s joining the new all female Oceans 11 film…….?

With the original trilogy (even though it was a remake of a Frank Sinatra film) directed by Steven Soderburgh with it's all star male...

Alice through the Looking Glass – REVIEW

Franchises are all the rage in Hollywood and with Harry Potter and the Marvel superheroes making a fortune Disney came up with Alice in...