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Marry Me – TRAILER

You can tell its almost Christmas as the first of the Valentine's Day film trailers are dropping and here's the first one with the...

J-Lo and Armie Hammer to star in…..

Now we love a wedding or more specifically the stag do and then the after wedding party itself. Our Editor's wedding was something to...

Learning to lapdance for Hustlers……..

With a stage version of Magic Mike playing in London’s West End our Editor decided to audition for the Chippendales only to be told...

Hustlers – REVIEW

Men are stupid. At least they are in Hustlers, a film based on a true life story of the euphemistically titled, ‘exotic dancers’  who...

Career Ruining movies…….

Every actor wants to be on the A list but once you're there its even more of a problem trying to stay on it....