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Coming 2 America – AMAZON PRIME

In terms of much belated sequels Coming 2 America arrives 33 years after the original and is one of the longest waits. The much...

The story behind the shot – An American Werewolf in London

In the first of an occasional series we thought we would have a look at the story behind an on set photo and we...

Schlock – REVIEW

Like many kids in California John Landis was obsessed with movies and was determined to work in the industry where he blagged his way...

Eddie Murphy to make a sequel to…….

Eddie Murphy's film career has never hit the heights that his films of the Eighties achieved with several either bombing catastrophically (The Adventures of...

RIP Ronnie Corbett – Obituary

This might seem unusual to have someone best known for his comedy double act but Ronnie Corbett being given a tribute on a film...