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The Conjuring The Devil Made me Do It – TRAILER

We all like a story of ghosts and our Editor is especially keen on forbidden spirits which may explain why he locked himself in...

Godzilla King of the Monsters – REVIEW

Perhaps the biggest surprise claimed by Godzilla King of the monsters is that it is the legendarily giant Japanese monster that lays claim to...

The Front Runner – REVIEW

It’s a mark of just how much modern politics has degenerated that in 1988 the presidential front runner and seemingly sure fire winner Gary...

The Front Runner – TRAILER

The Front Runner trailer is not about Usain Bolt but actually takes us back thirty years to the 1988 presidential election where the Democrat...

The Commuter – REVIEW

The story of a man waiting on a railway platform waiting for the 07.15 from Maidstone only to find it had been cancelled due...

The Commuter – TRAILER

Director Jaume Collet-Serrahas has the sort of unpronounceable name that trips off the tongue and falls flat on its face but none the less he's...