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Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga – NETFLIX

What could be better than each year sitting down to watch European countries in a singing contest ? Frankly anything. Because now it’s almost...

Will Ferell & Ryan Reynolds A Christmas Carol

Now we know its still September but here's some seasonal news about Will Ferrell & Ryan Reynolds A Christmas Carol. According to early reports...

Will Ferrell goes Downhill…….

With Will Ferrell's Holmes and Watson failing miserably at the box office perhaps Will Ferrell goes Downhill is a little presumptious as Downhill is...

Daddy’s Home 2 – REVIEW

Will Ferrell’s not had a particularly good run of films of late.  ‘The House’ bombed so badly it didn’t even make back its $40m...

The House – trailer

We find Will Ferrell's comedy films can be a bit hit and miss. For every Blades of Glory, Daddy's Home & Anchorman there's a...

Will Ferrell’s new film(s)…….

We like Will Ferrell although the quality of his films can vary greatly. For every 'Elf' & 'Anchorman' there's a 'Semi Pro' and 'Get...