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Wonder Woman 1984 controversy…..

There's been a flurry of Wonder Woman 1984 controversy since its release over Christmas with a number of divisive arguments both for and against...

Justice League – blu ray /dvd

There was much expectation for Justice League both by fans and especially the studio. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  had made $873m at...

How Summer Films Could Factor Into The Oscars……..

Typically speaking, the Oscar races don’t really start until fall /autumn. There are exceptions of course, particularly when it comes to smaller awards dealing...

James Cameron goes upsetting Wonder Woman fans…….

With the re-release of Terminator 2 in 3D just a few days away it seems that director has upset fans of Wonder Woman telling...

Could Wonder Woman be an Oscar contender…….?

With the major summer movies out the studios start turning their attention to the films that might have a shot at winning Oscars. Comic...

Wonder Woman – REVIEW

For many Wonder Woman conjures up images of Saturday tea time watching an ex-beauty pageant queen cavorting around in a skimpy stars and stripes...