Writer – director Neil Marshall first came to horror fans attention with his debut film, ‘Dog Soldiers’ a bonkers monsters v military film which quickly became a fan favourite and he followed it up with another monster fest with the claustrophobic horror thriller, ‘The Descent’. In the interim he’s helmed a number of features as varied as ‘Centurion’ with Michael Fassbender, ‘Doomsday’ with the late great Bob Hoskins to TV shows including ‘Hanniba’l , ‘Westworld’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ for which he was Emmy nominated. But The Lair sees him return to monster movie mayhem and, much like Dog Soldiers, sees  monsters v military facing off against each other.

When Lieutenant Kate Sinclair (Charlotte Kirk ) is shot down over Afghanistan, Sergeant Tom Hook (Jonathan Howard) is sent in to lead a specialised team of SAS troops to find the missing soldier and bring her home. As Sinclair desperately tries to evade her pursuers, she stumbles across a forsaken military bunker and seeks refuge, but little does she know that this seemingly abandoned base holds a dark secret… a horde of nightmarish creatures known as Ravagers, half-human and half-alien, ravenous for flesh. Narrowly escaping from the bunker, Sinclair finds safety at a nearby army base led by Major Roy Finch (Jamie Bamber). But it’s not long before some unexpected and extremely dangerous visitors arrive, eliciting an adrenaline-fueled mighty battle for survival…

After his period horror film The Reckoning this is the second film that he has co-written with lead actress Charlotte Kirk and is one for the genre fans that mercifully ignores CGI and goes for good old fashioned practical make up effects making this a far more satisfying experience with gore galore as a lumbering monster lashes out any who come to close refusing to leave their underground bunker in a manner that could see the film easily retitled as, ‘When Boris was kicked out of Downing Street’ .

As a disc The Lair is thin on bonus features with only a ‘Making of’ that is something of an EPK with the cast, director and producer talking about the film and a directors commentary would have been ideal as we chatted to Neil Marshall about the making of the film where he gave us a load of behind the scenes stories.

The Lair is firmly man-in-a-monster suit territory but running at only 97 minutes it’s breezy Saturday night fun that builds to a climatic bloody battle with some satisfyingly spectacular kills.

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We chat to Neil Marshall about the making of the film….

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