The Oscars most shocking moments……


With the Oscars ceremony back to normality we thought we’d take a look at the Oscars most shocking moments and lets be fair we think everyone can guess what will be number one. So here we go staring with……


11. 1999 – There’s always excitement form the ones who win and behaviour can get a little erratic but back in 1999 for Italian actor and director Roberto Benigni it all got quite bizarre. Having won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film he decided to avoid the deceptively flat, un-impeding  and empty space of the aisle and instead chose to clamber over the back of the seats walk astride the rows to the stage like he had some bizarre allergy to walking on carpet.

10. 2014 – This was the year of Frozen being such a big deal with the song let it go sung by Idina Menzel being hugely successful and she was invited to sing it at the ceremony. Unfortunately they got John Travolta to introduce it who clearly had the problem of pronouncing a simple word introducing her as Adele Dazeem which even then he mumbled into his chest before quickly exiting stage right presumably to visit his dialogue coach.

9. 2000 – This all got a bit squirmingly awkward for audiences and viewers alike when Angelina Jolie during her 2000 acceptance speech for best supporting actress for Girl, Interrupted after said “I’m in shock and I’m so in love with my brother right now.” And then compounding it with a notorious photograph of them in an intimate pose. That year the academy had not handed out vomit bags to the audience either.

8. 2011 –This was the year that the ceremony was co-hosted by James Franco and Anne Hathaway. A bored Franco couldn’t come across as any less interested in the proceedings while Hathaway went the other way with her usual  overly excited ‘theatre-girl’ persona. Perhaps the most awkward moment was when Hathaway wore a tux and Franco wore a dress. Hilarious? No, of course it wasn’t with the audience stony silent making that moment the peak of many awkward moments in that years ceremony

7. 2003 – . This was the year that Adrien Brody won Best Actor and came bounding onto stage and clearly as excited as the day Prince Andrew was told he could visit Legoland on an especially busy day Brody grabbed presenter Halle Berry and planted a hugely passionate and frankly unwanted kiss on the unsuspecting actress.

6. 2003 – the same year saw agit-prop documentary maker Michael Moore win for his film Bowling for Columbine but his impassioned acceptance speech soon turned sour when he began to rage against the George Bush presidency and Iraq War and was consequently loudly booed. Perhaps at a time when 9/11 was still fresh in everyone’s minds and support for the troops was high it was just too soon but some audience members did applaud.

5. 2013 – Saw Seth McFarlane’s notorious and incredibly ill judged moment which saw his hosting go downhill almost immediately and never recovered with his song and dance routine, “We Saw Your Boobs” where every actress who had bared their boobs on screen and was also present ended up getting named. So the looks on Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster, Halle Berry et al were distinctly unimpressed but were as nothing compared to Charlize Theron who had the most thunderous look on her face that if looks could kill would have disintegrated McFarlane instantly.

4. 1974 – Saw David Niven co-host in his usual suave manner and was part way through  introducing Elizabeth Taylor to the Oscars stage when suddenly across the back of the shot  appeared a naked man who ran across the stage, made a peace sign at the camera and left.To much hilarity and probably stunned TV audiences Niven maintained his composure bemused by what had happened and  dropped the killer line, “Isn’t it fascinating to think that probably the only laugh that man will ever get in his life is by stripping off and showing his shortcomings?”

3. 1973 – Marlon Brando had already been something of an irritant to studios with his behaviour and demeanour on sets and was losing roles because of it. But Francis Ford Coppolla had famously campaigned heavily to get him cast as The Godfather and the actor was rewarded with a nomination and eventual win on the night. But instead of tuning up to accept it he famously sent Native American activist and actress Sacheen Littlefeather to reject the award citing the treatment of Native Americans in the film industry.

2. 2017 – Perhaps an incident that seemed unimaginable when it came to announcing the winner of the Best Film and out trotted Faye Dunaway & Warren Beatty. Now the names of the winners are an extremely closely guarded secret with only three people allegedly knowing who has one and just one of them holding the envelopes with the winners names issuing them to the presenters as they go on stage.  So there was clearly something wrong when Beatty opened the envelope and what seemed initially like a bit of a dramatic licence he kept looking in the envelope after he’d drawn the card out only to somewhat ungraciously handing Dunaway the card to announce ‘La La Land’ as the winner. The film had had 14 nominations and had already won 6 so it was perhaps not unexpected but then the acceptance speeches began and thanks galore to all and sundry. But then the first signs appear when the second producer starts his thank you speech and a technician comes on stage and takes the envelope checking the inside and the cast and crew start getting curious. Now we’re into the third person making his acceptance speech and something is clearly very wrong when suddenly one of the producers comes up the mic and say, ‘We lost by the way’ shrugs and walks off. It’s the first producer who now returns to the mic and says, ‘There’s a mistake. Moonlight, you guys won Best Picture. It’s not a joke I’m afraid they read the wrong thing’. Host Jimmy Kimmel looks awkward and not quite sure what to do and the producer snatches the card with the winner’s name and shows it to the camera. Kimmel comes to the mic and says ‘This is very unfortunate what happened ’. But It was far worse than that – it was an absolute embarrassment watched by a global audience and made a sham of the whole proceedings. A later enquiry showed that the man in charge of the envelopes had got carried away with the excitement and proximity to the stars and had handed out the wrong envelope. He was quickly fired. It was a shambles and  embarrassment and Beatty comes to the mic and tries to disassociate himself from any blame saying the card he had been given was the Best Actress winner – Emma Stone.

But there’s no doubting that the No 1 most shocking moment which is unlikely to ever be beaten is 2022 and Will Smith after host Chris Rock making a quip about Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head. Now looking back at the footage Smith clearly found it hilarious but the same shot his wife rolling her eyes and clearly not amused. At this point Smith also decides not to be amused and strides on stage and slaps Rock across the face before walking back to his face with maybe a slight smirk on his face and a laughter from the audience. Maybe be it was all part of the show It soon became clear that it wasn’t when Smith then shouted at Rock , ‘Keep my wife’s name out your f**cking mouth!’ twice and seemingly barely able to contain his rage. Rock, perhaps for the first time ever, is momentarily silenced before coming back with, ‘That was the greatest moment in television’. It was certainly one of the most memorable where, in the course of 30 seconds Smith had effectively destroyed his own reputation and possibly his career.

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