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Whereas most of us look forward to Christmas, for the agrophobic paedophile it’s Halloween when children willingly call at their door like some satanic home delivery service. ‘Trick or treat’ ? that vaguely menacing choice which equates as, ‘Money or petty vandalism?’ However we’ve always found that replying, ‘I’ll have a treat please? ‘ and then continuing to wilfully misunderstand usually sees them off. Here Trick is Patrick (see what they did there?) who sits with his pumpkin mask on at a Halloween house party as they play a variation of spin the bottle only with a knife. It all ends in carnage as Patrick ends up slaughtering nearly everyone at the party in suitably gory fashion and it’s the beginning of a huge body count because having been caught and hospitalized from his own injuries he escapes from the hospital slicing up a few doctors and nurses as he is chased by Detective Denver (Omar Epps).  Ironically in a life saving hospital he gets shot and killed by Denver before crashing out of a second floor window presumably to his death….. but no! It’s one of the supernatural nods to Halloween that Trick makes to that iconic 1978 horror classic when he seemingly disappears.

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Denver is one of those dedicated cops (and from the appearance of Epps here a tribute act too) committed to hunting down the serial killer over the following years around Halloween time when Trick re-appears for his annual stab fest in a series of slaughter scenes of varying degrees of invention with characters set up for solely for the purpose of being gruesomely despatched as is the demand of the genre so when a bunch of sports jocks rock up you know it won’t be for long.

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Co-written by Todd Farmer with Patrick Lussier who also directs this has a decent enough first half and the body count is high with Trick wearing a variety of masks throughout discarding his bloated orange pumpkin mask presumably because  he keeps getting mistaken for Donald Trump and even  serial killer’s have got standards to maintain.  Lussier has directed a number of horror films that have included Dracula 2000, My Bloody Valentine and Drive Angry another wilfully bonkers Nicolas Cage film from 2011.  Trick is ideally suited for VoD as it does what it sets out to do with standard horror tropes with only a daft twist which explains Trick’s seeming omnipresence and  seeming inability to be killed.

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