Wicked Little Letters – REVIEW

Wicked Little Letters - Colman & Buckley get potty moutthed!

If highly regarded and mature British actors getting spectacularly potty mouthed is your thing then then Wicked Little Letters is for you. A true story from the 1920’s it sees spinster Edith Swan (Olivia Colman) who lives with her elderly parents played by Timothy Spall and Gemma Jones on the receiving end of a tirade of abusively insulting letters. And it’s her gammon father Edward (Timothy Spall) who marches off to the police station demanding that they investigate their neighbour who they know has been sending them such literary filth.

That neighbour is Rose Gooding (Jessie Buckley) a widowed mum to a young daughter but who lives a freewheeling life to the full much to the disgust of the Swans and many others in the neighbourhood. It seems that the Edith had welcomed and attempted to help Rose in the 1920’a ways of the woman of the house. It’s the films examination of the patriarchy of the day which Rose refuses to adhere to being something of a force of nature. She’s not the only one pushing back against such chauvinism with Woman Police Officer ( as she is repeatedly reminded by her male colleagues) Gladys Moss (Anjana Vasan) who begins her own sleuthing realizing that something about the case where her chief constable and his lap dog constable (Hugh Skinner) have decided that Rose is undoubtedly guilty. It’s little surprise that what Gladys own investigation uncovers leads to a deliriously foul mouthed final scene.

Written By Jonny Sweet the actor and writer whose  previous incudes the TV series ‘Gap Year’ and ‘Chickens’ and this gets its laughs from the shock of  explosions of profanity but at the same time there’s also nods to albeit the superficial exploration of sexism so rife in society a hundred years ago. wPC Moss was the first female officer in the Sussex police at the time but whereas this was an era where the patriarchy dominated what is completely over looked here is that with Asian and black actors being in roles the racial aspect of this at such a time is ignored suggesting that this is more of a casting (and this is perfectly cast) issue after the script had been written. Nonetheless Wicked Little Letters, though ultimately a bit of fluff, is amusing and will appeal especially to Colman’s legion of fans.

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Here’s Oliva Colman, Jessie Buckley. Anjana Vasan  and director Thea Sharrock introducing the film….

Here’s the Wicked Little Letters trailer……


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