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Your Christmas or Mine 2......Asa Butterfield and Cora Kirk return!

With a glut of Christmas movies, mostly for the streamers and mostly forgotten by the time the credits have rolled it’s Prime Video’s 2022 yuletide offering Your Christmas or Mine that was such a success that a sequel was swiftly greenlit and shot in time for Christmas 2023.  So Your Christmas or Mine 2 sees Asa Butterfield and Cora Kirk return as James and Hayley now a loved up couple and set off with their culture clash families on a skiing holiday in the French Alps.

So it’s Christmas Eve Eve and at the airport Cora’s dad Geoff (Daniel Hays) mum Kath (Angela Griffin looking more like Cora’s sister), her much younger brothers and Aunt Kaye (Natalie Gumede) plus Grandad  meet up with James’ Dad, Lord Taylor (Alex Cummings) with his new partner a Sloaney new age New York best selling author of ‘What the F you want’ (a joke that falls flat) and grandad David Bradley and they all set off for their Christmas break. But a hotel mix up sees Lord Taylor and his partner, along with grandad and James staying in a farmyard barn whereas Geoff & Co along with Cora end up in a swanky 5 star penthouse chalet. It sets the tone for what will be a comedy of errors as each family cope with unexpected luxury or austerity before it’s all sorted out and James & family find their way to staying at the chalet where Cora mistakenly now thinks that James is going to propose.

Following the conventions of the Christmas rom-com movie,  Your Christmas or Mine 2 has the expected tropes and of course the rules of romantic plotting follow where James and Cora split up before they’re reconciled in the expected sentimental manner.

Your Christmas or Mine 2 is a feelgood rom com and writer Tom Parry, with a background in TV comedy, has some decent enough gags and though the film is overlong it’s an ideal film to watch on slouched in front of the TV but after a huge Christmas dinner

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Here’s Asa Butterfield and Cora Kirk chatting about the film at a special screening…..

Here’s the trailer for Your Christmas or Mine 2 …….


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