VFW stands for ‘Veterans of Foreign Wars’ but on the basis of the characters in this it could also stand for Veritably Fossilized Wasters. Set in a bar owned and run by former soldier Fred Parras (Stephen Lang) a group of war vets sit around drinking and joshing in a not too distant future where a drug has turned people into mindless numb-nuts clutching at anyone who passes near them –  think of any reality TV star  being ignored as they walk down Oxford St grabbing other  members of the  public and insisting they are still famous and you get the drift. All goes awry when a teenage girl Lizard (Sierra McCormick) steals a large batch of the drug from dealer Boz  (Travis Hammer) who wears a leather jacket over his bare torso snarling and threatening all and sundry and exuding all the danger of sandwich a day past its sell by date.  Finding refuge in the VFW Lizard finds a bunch of veterans irritated that their drinking has been disturbed until the zombiefied teenagers, desperate for the drug, lay siege to the drinking den and all hell breaks loose.

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Directed by Joe Begos he has assembled a great cast of B-movie legends that includes William Sadler, Fred Williamson, and George Wendt, the bar fly from legendary TV comedy ‘Cheers’ and here sees him as a barfly again at the VFW bar though regrettably he’s not in this for anywhere near long enough. VFW riffs heavily on Assault on Precinct 13 which in turn was a reworking of Rio Bravo and from the opening scene the film lays out its stall when a surly sidekick splits a drugged up zombies head in two for no reason. There’s plenty of gore to follow and the blood flows freely with a feeling that Peter Jackson’s early films were an influence too.

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This has Saturday night movie writ large across it and VFW is ideal accompaniment to a crate of beer and a pizza the size of a tractor wheel.

Here’s the VFW trailer…….


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