Baghead – REVIEW

Baghead - watch out for ghoul with a bag on her head!

When a character in hew supernatural scarer Baghead says, ‘You’re the only one that stands between her and the outside world‘ thoughts immediately go to what Simon Cowell must have been told by Amanda Holden’s agent.

But here it’s a warning given by Owen Lark (Peter Mullen) the estranged father to daughter Iris (Freya Allan) leading an itinerant lifestyle sleeping rough with her bestie Katie (Ruby Barker). The warning refers to the lady in the cellar of the derelict Berlin Pub she inherits from her father after his mysterious death. He is the keeper of Baghead, a ghoulish supernatural figure with a sack over her head. It’s a device that hides her face for she has shapeshifting power to channel and assume the identity of the bereaved wanting to make contact with their loved ones. And with that in mind it is Neil (Jeremy Irvine) a widow unable to let go of the past and desperate to reconnect with his late wife.

With the pub now hers Iris unwittingly becomes the ghoul’s keeper unaware of her until she finds Neil having broken in and wanting to summon Baghead out of the hole on the wall where she resides. It’s the hefty price he will pay for the chance to do so that persuades Iris who sees it as a way out of her financial woes not wanting to live in the ramshackle pub. But Neil’s first encounter, overlooked by iris & Katie, sees Baghead strapped to a chair and channelling his late wife, thrashing and squirming like Boris Johnson in front of a select committee the bag is removed to reveal Neil’s mother who died by suicide and it becomes clear that these encounters have the capacity to easily go awry.  Iris own father has left strict instructions that any encounter must not last more than 2 minutes and that as her ‘owner’ she must keep control of Baghead preventing her from ever getting out into the big wide world.

Adapted from his own short film, director Alberto Corredor orchestrates a number of decent jump scares and the occasional unsettling moments with Iris creeping around the haggard  old wreck in a manner not seen since Anna Nicole Smith married Howard Marshall. With an eye to a possible franchise there’s an ending that would expand the story further and at 95 minutes it doesn’t outstay its welcome but is a decent showcase for star on the rise Freya Allan.

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