Saw XI – the games continue!

Saw XI - the games continue!

With Saw X opening to $18 million in the US (up+106% over Spiral‘s $8.75M) and eventually making £107m worldwide and successfully rebooting the franchise – not bad for  a film costing $13m and a new film has been announced with SAW XI expected to hit cinemas on 27th September 2024. So it seems that Saw XI the games continue!

No official word on whether 81-year-old Tobin Bell will be back as the Jigsaw killer but after 10 films to date and his role being integral to the last film it would seem that his return is a sure thing.

Saw veteran Kevin Greutert who was behind Saw X, has said, “There are so many directions we could go, but for me, there’s no obvious one coming out of this film. I really wanted it to feel like a kind of final send-off for the Jigsaw character, but never say never,” “There’s a version that picks up immediately where this one leaves off, but it’s way too early to tell,” Greutert added. Whatever it seems that SAW XI the games continue!

Its a quick turnaround again for the films setting a date for next fall is a pretty astounding feat, as the last franchise entry, “Saw X,” hit theaters just over two months ago on Sept. 29. That represents a quick turnaround — less than one year — for the franchise. It’s not an achievement that the series hasn’t notched before though. After the first “Saw” took off, “Saw II” was quickly greenlit and just barely hit the benchmark, hitting theaters 364 days after the original. In fact, each following “Saw” entry made it to release less than a year after its respective predecessor up to the seventh installment, “Saw 3D,” which had to settle for coming 371 days after “Saw VI.” After that, the franchise took a seven-year hiatus before the 2017 revival “Jigsaw.”

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