Book Club The Next Chapter – REVIEW


When the first Book Club was released back in 2018 with its quartet of elderly stars it was something of a crowd pleaser for a silver generation watching the old school stars in a film centred around their lives having changed after reading 50 Shades of Grey. That book changed things for many mainly prompting pensioners to take up arms and petrol bomb any library that stocked the book. But as the old saying goes, ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ and it’s for that reason that our Editor lost has role as Chair of the Association of Book Cover illustrators. The success of Book Club, which made over $100m worldwide, has prompted a sequel, ‘Book Club The Next Chapter and perhaps the biggest surprise is that many of the cast of stars are still alive many of who can claim to having been on first name terms with Moses.

This sequel catches up with the four friends a tea or so later with the sexually voracious Vivian (Jane Fonda) the widowed Diane Keaton, the loyal Carol (Mary Steenburgen) and the single and single minded Sharon  (Candice Bergen) going on a sort of book club hen night road trip to Italy in anticipation of Vivian’s impending marriage to Arthur (Don Johnson). So the film is a series of incidents staring with the choosing of the wedding dress where the sexually liberated Vivian chooses to get married in white which surely leaves her open to accusations of fraud but we digress. The wardrobes of the four leads are very much at the centre of the film with Fonda always super glam in couture clothing whereas Diane Keaton is channelling her Annie Hall era trousers before spending the last act of the film in a skirt that makes her look like the knitted doll you find over toilet rolls in a pensioners toilets.

Co-written and directed by Bill Holderman the film is a series of often innuendo laden vignettes set in picture post card locations building towards a slightly toe curling wedding ceremony that seems to be attended by guests that the four characters have never met before. Book Club The Next Chapter as a title title is irrelevant to the film and in an age of female led films the four men frequently find men coming to their aid. This is firmly aimed at a certain demographic even if the overall effect is somewhat inconsequential.

Here’s the Book Club The Next Chapter trailer……


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