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Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken – REVIEW

Anyone seeing Michael Jackson’s thriller video might remember him uttering the line, ‘I’m not like other guys’ shortly before he transforms into….well in the...

Book Club The Next Chapter – REVIEW

When the first Book Club was released back in 2018 with its quartet of elderly stars it was something of a crowd pleaser for...

80 for Brady – TRAILER

Landing in our inbox if the 80 for Brady trailer that is inspired by a true life story. The film follows four best friends living...

Peter Fonda – Obituary

When your father is a Hollywood acting legend Henry Fonda it’s always going to be hard to make your mark and Peter Fonda also...

Coming Home – BLU RAY

The 1970’s saw America still coming to terms with the Vietnam war and Coming Home was the first film to make an impression that...

Book Club – REVIEW

Old people suffer from being stereotyped as senile, dribbling, incontinent malcontents. Unfortunately it’s a stereotype that fits our Editor only too well. ('You’re fired!'...