Clinton Baptiste, Phoenix Nights crap psychic, is actor Alex Lowe and we chat about his fave films

Alex Lowe talks about Phoenix Nights psychic Clinton Baptiste

Fans of Peter Kay’s ‘Phoenix Nights’ will remember the inept and deliriously inappropriate psychic Clinton Baptiste played by actor Alex Lowe. It’s a role that he has written stand up for and is currently on his fourth nationwide tour the character in RollerGhoster and it’s huge fun so do try and get a ticket if you can if the show comes to your city.

Alex has appeared in a wide ride of films and TB that has taken in Shakespeare to The 11 O’Clock Show to Dr Who and we got top chat with Alex about all plus plus of course Clinton Baptiste. But we also chatted about his favourite films and what they mean to him.

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Here’s our chart with Alex Lowe ……



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