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The much anticipated sequel to The Shining was Doctor Sleep adapted from the Stephen King novel of the same name by writer director Mike Flanagan and was pretty good too but the box office for the $45m budgeted film amounted to only $72m. Within days of the opening weekend it put an end to a Doctor Sleep spin off film. ‘I understood why they couldn’t proceed on those with the box office that we did‘, said Halloran. ‘It made sense. It was heartbreaking. It made sense. But yeah, that’s all kind of gone’

But on a recent podcast Flanagan revealed what the story for the Doctor Sleep spin off (that was to be titled, ‘Halloran’ after the overlook Hotels caretaker played by Scatman Crothers) would be.

Flanagan said, ‘I had a great thing for the Dick Hallorann movie, which I was so excited about, which is him as a young man starting in Derry and had a little overlap with ‘IT’. Because in the canon, little Richie Halloran has an encounter with Pennywise as a young man.

Then it was gonna be this whole other thing where he joins the army and ends up trying to work in law enforcement in New Orleans in a heavily segregated police department and is up against a kind of a cousin to the True Knot (the “Doctor Sleep” group who ingest the Shining’s ‘steam’). A killer who is specifically targeting people who shine, and this big battle there. He would win the battle but lose the war and lose the people that he cared about and ended up opting for a quieter life away from all of it and taking this job making meals at this hotel in Colorado. It was gonna be awesome.

They’re gonna open with Carl Lumbly as Dick Halloran cleaning up the kitchen and getting ready for the winter because the winter caretaker and his family are due to arrive. They’re saying ‘You got to be ready to meet them and give them a tour.’ Then he goes up to Room 237 and has a weird thing with the bathtub and it flashes back to all the stuff in his life. Then at the end of the story we come back to him in the Overlook and they say the caretakers here. He’d come downstairs to meet them in the lobby and you think it’s the Torrance family, but it isn’t. It’s Delbert Grady and his twin daughters and his wife. And you realize you’re seeing the beginning of that story.

Hopefully someday a studio exec will greenlight it…PLEASE!!!

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We spoke to Mike Flanagan about Doctor Sleep at the time of release…..


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