Eli Roth makes the film of the trailer, Thanksgiving’


The Quentin Tarantino / Robert Rodriguez mash up Grindhouse had a whole load of mock trailers in between the double bill most notably, ‘Machete’ which Rodriguez went on to make into a feature length film starring Danny Trejo as well as a sequel. Well now 16 years after the grindhouse double bill was released there’s news that Eli Roth makes the film of the trailer, ‘Thanksgiving’.

Roth, who will direct as well as produce, had a script for the film kicking around for twelve years that he had co-written with Jeff Rendell who appeared in the fake trailer and also co-wrote Roth’s debit film, ‘Cabin Fever’. Well now Spyglass have stumped up the money for the film with actor Patrick Dempsey in talks to play the lead role and shooting will begin in March in Toronto.

Details of the film are thin on the ground but Dempsey is thought to be playing a town’s sheriff where a slasher who comes to small what is believed to be a Massachusetts town with the intention of “creating a Thanksgiving carving board out of the town’s inhabitants,”

It’s something of an unusual role for Dempsey because though he appeared in ‘Scream 3′ more than twenty years ago since then he has played decent, upstanding, clean cut characters as best seen in  Grays’ Anatomy the TV series that he has played in in over 200 episodes. With Eli Roth at the helm it would seem that that will all change with the directors penchant for extreme gore as seen in The Green Inferno his notorious cannibal film he made with his ex-wife Lorenza Izzo (interviewed by us HERE).

Roth’s last feature was the child friendly The House with a clock in its walls (reviewed HERE) since then he has been an active campaigner for the protection of sharks.


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