Ron Howard will possibly next direct…….

......little did he know that behind him was mummy Oscar come to rescue her two baby oscars......

Ron Howard has made some cracking good films over the past 30 years including ‘Splash!’,’Ransom’, ‘Frost/Nixon’ & ‘Rush’. Last year was a bit of a mixed bag for him having made the great Beatles documentary, ‘8 Days a Week’ and the far from great ‘Inferno’ which was the latest Dan Brown novel adaptation which made only $220m whereas ‘The Da Vinci code’ made $758m and ‘Angels & Demons’ made $485m.

But his production outfit Imagine Entertainment has optioned novel The Last Days Of Jack Sparks with a view to adapting it as a feature film and British author Jason Arnopp has been hired to adapt the screenplay of his own 2016 debut.

The plot follows titular pop culture journalist Jack Sparks who is researching a book on the occult. After sparking a Twitter storm by mocking an exorcism, Sparks is found dead in mysterious circumstances.


It is unclear at this stage whether Howard will direct the film, but a spokesperson for Imagine told Screen that the two-time Oscar-winning director was “very excited” about the project.

Watch this space……..not literally obviousl…….that would be a waste of time



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