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Silent Night - Action director John Woo returns to Hollywood .....

Having made some of the greatest action films ever including The Killer and Hard Boiled Hong Kong director John Woo went to Hollywood to make films such as Mission Impossible 2 & Face Off before returning home again. Now he’s back and reuniting with the producers of the John Wick films with the release of his first Hollywood actioner in years with the Silent Night trailer.

The gritty revenge tale follows a tormented father, Godlock (Kinnaman), who witnesses his young son die when caught in a gang’s crossfire on Christmas Eve. While recovering from a wound that costs him his voice, he makes vengeance his life’s mission and embarks on a punishing training regimen in order to avenge his son’s death.

But there’s a twist to all of this…..Silent Night is essentially dialogue-free, Kinnaman’s character having been shot in the throat at the start of the movie. Woo has said, ‘”It was a very smart script and the story really touched me [because] I have three children …..The biggest challenge is how do you make the audience accept a story without dialogue, and get them moved by the story, let them understand they’re not missing something.

As the film plays out Kinnaman’s character physically transforms as he learns fighting techniques and gets himself in shape for the confrontation with the gang member responsible for his son’s death. Woo explains that the actor “was very in the character. He was always pushing himself so hard to work out.” and that the actor, “did 99 percent of his stunts, and he was also training with our fight coordinator every day, just rehearsing and training for all of the action sequences. He tried [to give] a real performance but only with his eyes, his eyes have so many stories and so many emotions. I was so happy to work with him.

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Here’s the Silent Night trailer….


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