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Strays - pee, puke and poop jokes galore

That ‘Strays’ comes from the makers of Cocaine Bear and 21 Jump Street and a hint at the level of humour you can expect from this doggy film and like those films and despite it being the tail end of summer holidays this is certainly one that is not for the kids. Like a potty mouthed version of ‘The Incredible Journey’ the stars are the animals led by Reggie (voiced by Will Ferrell) a loveable little terrier blind to the fact that his owner Doug (Will Forte) a bong smoking layabout who hates him as Reggie was foisted on him by his then girlfriend who dumped Doug who since then seems to have dedicated himself to drink, drugs and internet porn. Reggie mistakes his masters game of, ‘Fetch – F**K! for affection even though the game comprises of Doug driving Reggie for an hour throwing a ball and driving off only for Reggie managing to find his way home and greeted Doug to utter the curse word.

But one day Doug finally does win the game and Reggie finds himself abandoned but befriended by three other dogs : Bug (Jamie Foxx ) , Maggie (Isla Fisher) and Hunter (Randall Park) and they are objective enough to see what’s really going on and open Reggie’s eyes to how Doug has treated him. And with that realization its Reggie who determines to still find his way home to Doug only this time with a mission to, ‘ bite his dick off!’ So the four set off in a kind of doggy version of a road movie encountering a variety of adventures and mishaps and perhaps learning some life lessons along the way.

Written by Dan Parrault whose previous includes the very funny satire, ‘American Vandal’ but Strays goes for gross out jokes that focus on doggy pee, pricks, puke and poop. …. A LOT of poop. Now for those who have their walks in the park spoilt by dog owners tying their bags of dog poo to the trees like some satanic Christmas tree are going to find a whole load of graphic gross out dog poo jokes here most notably in a dog pound scene (and also a later revenge scene) where many of the audience we saw it with, already accustomed to the films gross out jokes, were audibly moaning, ‘eeeew!’ in scenes that are reminiscent of John Waters infamous ‘Pink Flamingos’. That’s probably the nadir of the humour as equally there are some very funny moments and with a brilliantly bonkers self-deprecating cameo from Dennis Quaid (partly spoilt by being in the trailer).

Running at a brief 90 minutes, Strays is scatological and puerile and depending on your sensibilities that can be taken as either a recommendation or criticism.

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  1. Talking of animals. Is there an elephant in the room here in relation to any willingness on the part of reviewers to address the racial and sexual undertones in this film? It is as though these dogs and the story are seen as nothing more than an expendable casualty for furthering what I can only describe as an abject hatred of white males.

    For instance, one dog refers to humans of the “lighter shade” being wacky. The same dog who, despite not claiming to be any particular race at any time, suddenly laments over having to use a “white voice” when addressing someone in author.

    It doesn’t end there. Another dog that turns the dogs help looking for the owner into the warden is a German Sheppard who, according to one of the caught dogs, is named Adolf because he’s German.

    The main dog’s owner is a lazy, sexually deviant male who beats animals and takes drugs. The operative guarding the seized dogs is mentally unstable.

    In fact, can anyone recall a scene in this film whereby there was a WHITE MALE who wasn’t being a total moron?

    And what of the other characters? The main dog’s original owner is a white female; the dog’s new owners are black; the warden is black and only too happy to go beyond the call of duty in order to perform their civic duty.

    And for those eager to point the finger at me. This is in no way meant to be an assault on black people; rather, a reference to the apparent manner in which the people in this film are represented according to particular agenda.

    An agenda that is not only based around race but also sex. The main dog resents being mistreated by its white, male owner and seeks retribution: biting off the owner’s penis (as gleefully referenced multiple times throughout the movie). The moral of this tale? When it comes to justice and reconciliation, forget morals; forget worrying about becoming your own nemesis; forget worrying over mob rule – anything goes. And by anything, I am talking about colluding with your cohorts in order to sexually humiliate and mutilate – a white male because hey, your cause is just. Tearing apart male anatomy (forget the pain and the rapid, life-threatening blood loss, too) in a most violent, graphic manner is supposed to be funny.

    Once the vicious, sexual deed is committed the dog, far from regretful, trots off into the sunset and into the caring arms of a small child like some true hero. Committing such sickening acts is seen as socially acceptable.

    Can you imagine if instead of a white male, the dogs had torn apart a non-white female? Do you honestly think biting her breast off and showing oodles of blood whilst she rolls around on the floor and is defecated on would have been deemed acceptable? Then what makes it acceptable here?

    There were parts to this film I thought were genuinely funny. I also thought animation was pretty well executed. But when you tinge attempted humor with what I consider to be outright racism and sexist gore, you lose whatever respect you think you have earned from me. Passing this disgusting spectacle for release appears to be but another example of the double standards at play and the lengths to which those in charge of this game are prepared to force their rancid agenda.

    I think this film is vile overall and so is the agenda behind the camera.


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