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Barbarian – REVIEW

Double bookings at AirBnB’s have become a rising plot point for several recent films notably Alone Together and Gone in the Night but the...

The Devil all the Time – TRAILER

Netflix continue to make and release a raft of impressive films that range from blockbusters like 'Extraction' and critically rated dramas like 'The Irishman'....

The casting of The Losers Club in It Chapter Two

While the first film was busy racking up critical praise, fan love and record-setting ticket sales, director Andy Muschietti had already plunged headlong into...

It Chapter Two – REVIEW

The reboot of Stephen King horror 'It' was a huge horror hit with audiences faces horrified by circus clown Pennywise, the pasty faced freak,...


Sitting there watching the clown trot out his plop poor routine it all became too much. ‘Why don’t you take your sad act elsewhere...