Boy Kills World – REVIEW

Boy Kills World -a shredded Bill Skarsgard kills everyone!!!!!!!!

Mercifully having had two attempts previously it would appear that Germany has dropped the idea of fighting The World but that hasn’t stopped The Boy. His existence is a very different one in Boy Kills World from the world that we know. Now it’s a dystopian future where the horrendous Hilda von der Koy (Famke Janssen) has an annual cull of the citizens, an element that is sadly missing from Big Brother. But it this that has seen The Boy become an orphan and he has hidden himself away under the wing of shaman and master martial arts mentor (the awesome Yayan Rihian from The Raid films). Years of training see him grow up into the awesomely shredded physique of Bill Skaargard out for revenge on Hilda.

The plot of Boy Kills World is a simple revenge actioner but the set pieces at their very best are mesmerizingly hyperkinetic with each set piece getting more bonkers crazy as The Boy battles his way through the inevitable unending number of heavies and henchmen that includes Hilda’s kids Glen (Brett Gelman), Melanie (Michelle Dockery) and June 27 ( Jessica Rothe).  Skarsgard is mute throughout and his thoughts are voiced like a video game voiceover and this is especially funny in the first act of the film as he trains but kind of peters out to less successful effect as the film progresses. But it’s the action that is everything. Gleefully psychotic it plays like the most violent version of Squid Game and there is some truly excruciating violence and gruesome injuries but though the action is deliriously insane the world building is not as engaging as might be hoped.

After the horror of playing Pennywise Skarsgard looks like he’s entering a new chapter of his career as an action start with this and the soon to be released reboot of The Crow. Add to this Jessica Rothe, new to action but totally committed to the role as her shredded bare midriff demonstrates. Janssen continues to place her Bond girl far into her rear view mirror and Michelle Dockery, after potty mouthed roles in Guy Ritchie’s The Gentleman film and now in this she determinedly puts some distance between her Downton Abbey image.

Boy Kills World is Mortal Kombat meets Hunger Games starring John Wick the shadow of which looms large over so many current action films as seen in Monkey Man (which also has Sharlto Copley in a similarly wild eyed role) and the relentless action occasionally  becomes a little wearing and John Wick 4 showed the necessity and the success of putting a spin on major action sequences although a TV breakfast cereal slaughter fest is highly effective.  Produced  by Sam Raimi his influence (especially his 1985 film ‘Crime Wave’) on the DIY action style is clear and director Moritz Mohr has an assured future in the genre.

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We chatted with director Moritz Mohr about the making of the film…

Here’s the Boy Meets World trailer…..


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