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Barbara Hershey & Nicholas Alexander say Welcome to the Blumhouse!

Jason Blumhouse and his production studio have been at the top of their game with their immense output of highly successful horror films and...

Why The Hunt is cancelled…….

So if you've not heard the release of horror satire The Hunt is cancelled. Made by Blumhouse, masters of the low budget, big box...


The latest from Blumhouse Productions and their house of horror hits is Ma, not an acronym but slang for 'mother' as played here by...

Halloween returns ……..again

Modern day horror maestros Blumhouse Porductions are to takeover the Halloween franchise but the good news is that its original director John Carpenter is...

The Purge 3

The Purge films are made by BlumHouse productions, the masters of low budget and big box office returns and we're soon to see the...