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How they recreated Coming 2 America characters….

The journey to bringing COMING 2 AMERICA (read our review HERE) to fruition began with a phone call from Murphy to screenwriter Barry W....

Coming 2 America – AMAZON PRIME

In terms of much belated sequels Coming 2 America arrives 33 years after the original and is one of the longest waits. The much...

Coming 2 America – TRAILER

The latest in a long line of long awaited sequels is the Coming 2 America trailer 33 years after the original film starring Eddie...

What we know about Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America…….

Eddie Murphy was a huge star in the 80's making some of the decades highest earning comedies that included 48hrs, Trading Places and of...

Eddie Murphy to make a sequel to…….

Eddie Murphy's film career has never hit the heights that his films of the Eighties achieved with several either bombing catastrophically (The Adventures of...

Career Ruining movies…….

Every actor wants to be on the A list but once you're there its even more of a problem trying to stay on it....