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Dementia 13 – BLU-RAY – Francis Ford Coppola’s first horror film!

Francis Ford Coppola was amongst that group of directors that included George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, Brian De Palma and of course Spielberg who would...

The Godfather Coda : The Death of Michael Corleone – BLU-RAY

The Eighties had not been kind to Francis Ford Coppola with a series of flops that had pretty much driven him to the edge...

Robert Evans – Obituary

If anyone personified the shades wearing, uber-tanned, coke snorting,  super producer then it was surely Robert Evans. He was extravagant, iconic and led an...

Apocalypse Now Final Cut – BLU RAY, DVD & UHD

When a director says, ‘My film is not about Vietnam, it IS Vietnam’ it smacks of pretension and a lack of self awareness yet...

Francis Ford Coppola’s Cotton Club recut for re-release?

The seventies saw writer director Francis Ford Coppola make some of the defining films of the era and his career, The Godfather 1 &...

Francis Ford Coppola

If you're a fan of director Francis Ford Coppola whose films include The Godfather trilogy (superb), Dracula (pretty good) and Jack (......urr...maybe not quite...