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Southland Tales – BLU-RAY

Hollywood is littered with stories of overriding ambition taking down careers usually the directors. For Francis Ford Coppola it was ‘One from the Heart’...

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot – TRAILER

So whilst it looks like we may never see a film version of Clerks 3  writer / director Kevin Smith has made a sequel...

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot…….

Writer / Director Kevin Smith has announced that production has wrapped on the upcoming film 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot' after speedy three-week shoot...

Five great movie ideas that almost got made…….

When certain movies hit the screens it’s hard to believe that someone actually financed the film. It was a though that went through the...

The Disaster Artist – REVIEW

Few would doubt that a director like Michael Bay would be wholly unsuited to directing an arthouse film or that Amanda Holden would be...