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Possibly one of cinema's most filmed stories we now have the latest incarnation of Charles Dickens classic novel Oliver Twist and in an age...

A new twist on Oliver Twist…….

Sky today announced a new co-production which will be a new Twist on Oliver Twist that's will be titled Twist and will star two-time...

The Flood – REVIEW

70 million people a year are displaced from their homes and 18,000 a year die fleeing. It’s an astonishing fact which is invariably overlooked...

The Flood – TRAILER

So with the UK having gone Brexit bonkers The Flood trailer seems ominously prescient. Wendy (Lena Headey), a hardened immigration officer is offered a high-profile...

Fighting with my Family – REVIEW

Fighting with my Family a true story about real life British female wrestler Paige was sure to appeal to our Editor. The fishnet tights,...

Fighting with my Family – TRAILER

We're big fans of Stephen Merchant and we told you about his new film a little while ago here and now the  Fighting with my...