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We're really big fans of director Denis Villeneuve and he's more than proved his ability as superior sci-fi with Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 and...

The Addams Family – REVIEW

Once again we’ve been found wanting when we thought that denim clad rocker Bryan, ex- Spice girl pop poppet Victoria, and Sinn Fein president...

Life Itself – REVIEW

Quite who the film makers hoped would be attracted by a title as pretentiously profound as Life Itself is not clear but it didn’t...

The Promise – REVIEW

We’ve had our fair share of true story films so far this year from ‘The Founder’ being one of the best to ‘Bitter Harvest’...

X Men: Apocalypse – REVIEW

The release of any new X Men film always gives us the chance to plunder X related puns. So is the new film X-cellent...