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The Suicide Squad – REVIEW

So when a film is titled Suicide Squad the likelihood of anyone returning for a sequel seems slim yet here we are with a...

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom – NETFLIX

Despite a title that suggests a porn film by the BLM movement Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom focuses on the famed 1920’s ‘Mother of the...

Widows – REVIEW

Regrettably we lost our Editor leaving a wife and two children who now spend long days without a husband and father. They describe these...

So how did our Oscar 2017 predictions compare to the winners…….?

So after the debacle of this year’s Oscars we thought we’d have a look at the winner’s and how our own predictions dated the...

Fences – REVIEW

With the stage plays, ‘Patio’, ‘Garden Shed’ & ‘The barbeque you started building last summer and still haven’t finished’, failing dismally at the theatre...