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the idea of You - A divorcee takes a young pop star lover!

For a moment we thought, ‘The Idea of You’ might have been a film based on overheard conversations with our Editor which normally go along the lines of, ‘The idea of you being competent is farcical ! (‘You’re fired!‘ – Ed). However it turns out that it’s the film of the book of the same name written by Robinne Lee.

Solene (Anne Hathaway) is a divorced 40 year mother to a teenage daughter Izzy (Ella Rubin). Embittered to romance due to her unfaithful husband she is instead devoted to her daughter so when Dad lets Izzy down regarding a trip to Coachella music festival, having bought her meet & greet tickets for boy band August Moon, it is Solene who takes up the slack and drives Izzy and her friends there. And it is whilst she’s there that Solene mistakes boy band star Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine) trailer office for a toilet. In fairness we have the same problem with our Editor’s office (‘You’re definitely fired!’ – Ed). It’s here that Hayes, in a kind of role reversal falls head over heels in love for someone he takes for a fan and during his band’s stage performance he dedicates their song ‘Closer’ to her.  Intrigued by Solene he tracks her down to the small art gallery she owns where the beginnings of their relationship begins. So the intelligent educated 40 year old woman with the 24 year old popstar romance begins in the same way unlike Madonna’s trysts with far younger men which would turn heads as well as stomachs.

But there’s a charm at the centre of all of this.  Anne Hathaway is relatable and endearing as is Galitzine with his puppyish charm as the pair rut away in the world’s best hotel rooms as he goes on tour to the worlds prepubescents leaving not a dry seat wherever they perform. And yet the  paparazzi, a constant presence early on, are now seemingly absent and oblivious to his covert romance. But Solene becomes increasingly aware that having kept it a secret from the world and more importantly from her daughter that it can’t last forever. Tabloid discovery is only an instagram picture away and the consequent vitriolic trolling on social media only increases the pressure to end it all especially as she finds herself at the mercy of the tabloids and twitter.

Though the pair are loved up it is ultimately a mismatched couple of the high brow / low brow variety  – think Virginia Wolfe dating Brooklyn Beckham although not quite in the way that say Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett ended up married until the actress’ sudden moment of realization that she was Julia Roberts and that she was married to Lyle Lovett! Presumably the family court judge agreed too.

But at its heart The Idea of You is a spin on traditional rom-com template – the wooing, the happy days, the break up, the reconciliation etc and this is no different but the chemistry between the two leads is endearing and sweeps you along in what is a feel good bit of wish fulfilment with several salient points to make.

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Here’s The idea of You trailer…..

THE IDEA OF YOU will launch globally on Prime Video on 2nd May 2024


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