The Fall Guy – REVIEW

The Fall Guy - Gosling and Blunt's salute to stuntmen!

The plundering of iconic TV series made into big blockbuster entertainment continues with The Fall Guy a series that ran from 1981 – 1986 and starred Lee Majors as Colt Seavers a stuntman by day and bounty hunter by night.

Taking over the role is Ryan Gosling, effortlessly cool and once again effortlessly brilliant as the stunt double for an egotistical film star Tom Ryder  (Aaron Taylor-Johnson channelling a number of A-listers). Seavers’ girlfriend is camera operator Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt) both loved up until a terrible accident renders Colt unable to work as a stuntman and is now a car valet having ghosted Jody ever since. So when hot shot producer Gail (Hannah Waddingham) pleads with him to return to her set acting as a go between for Jody who has now risen to the heights of director on her debut film, a kind of mash up of Dune meets Cowboys & Aliens, claiming that Jody has asked specifically for him on her set. It’s not quite the truth as played out in one of the many funny scenes where they discuss their break up under the guise of character motivation via megaphones on a crew heavy set. It’s a rom-com first act before the plot kicks in with Colt tasked with locating Tom Ryder who has now disappeared leaving the mega budgeted film at risk of collapsing.

The Fall Guy is the opener for the summer blockbusters and it sets the bar high. There’s so much to enjoy in this – the chemistry between Gosling and Blunt is electric, the set pieces are good old fashioned fun and there’s plenty of clever jibes (notably at AI as well as CGI stunt laden films and there’s a subtle joke at a coke addled producer though here it’s the fizzy drink). It is not the first time that Gosling has played a stuntman having appeared in the equally excellent ‘Drive’ that plays as a brutally violent counterpoint to this enjoyably old fashioned fun film.  That its directed by David Leitch, himself an ex stunt man for stars that included Brad Pitt and The Fall Guy acts as his own love letter to his profession and its utterly endearing capturing the era when stunts were everything (and here they break a record for cannon rolls by a car that beats the one in Casino Royale). If this is the standard for this years blockbusters then it’s going to be a great summer

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Here’s The Fall Guy trailer…….


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