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The Nun II - wicked wimple wearer Valak is back !

The mention of nuns, schoolgirls and a goat suddenly got our Editor very excited until we pointed out that we were talking about horror sequel, The Nun II (‘You’re fired!’ – Ed).  This sequel to the 2018 original film, in itself a spin off from James Wan’s ‘The Conjuring 2’, picks up a few years later in 1956 France where the demonic nun, Valak (Bonnie Aarons) has flitted across Europe from Romania and starts her deathly shenanigans with a priest whose demise she orchestrates. It’s not her first victim and won’t be her last as she leaves a trail of chaos and destruction in her wake that this could also be The Liz Truss story.

It’s Irene (Taissa Farmiga) the nun who assisted in the investigation of the ghostly goings on in the first film and is now a teacher at convent school but news of the recent deaths sees her being appointed once more to investigate and is joined by novice nun Debra (Storm Reid) who set off to find out if her suspicions that Valak is at large once more. So whilst the pair are off doing this, back at the school a teacher Kate (Anna Popplewell) and her daughter Sophie (Katelyn Rose Downey) along with school caretaker Maurice (Jonas Bloquet) are starting to have their problems. Sophie is being bullied by three other girls and teased about her fondness for Maurice and Maurice himself is not without his issues all stemming from a locked off part of the convent and all the while Valak is orchestrating demonic mayhem.  With the Irene & Debra off investigating running parallel with the goings on at the convent  their paths will eventually converge.

There’s been five years since the original film and this sequel that picks up off events in that film has a muddled first act that omits any effective audience reminders of previous events, characters and plot points. Where it does work better than the original is the scary set pieces orchestrated  by director Michael Chaves whose previous feature films have been ‘Curse of la Llorna’ and ‘The Conjuring 3 : The Devil Made me Do it’ and there are several effectively creepy moments rather the jump scares relied on in the original. And to that end there’s an imaginative newsstand sequence with the pages of the magazine rapidly flicking over to reveal Valak and a number of sequences in the padlocked church within the convent that starts with a pupil sneaking around and overhearing a gagging noise – the surprise being that it’s not a chorister being cornered by a Catholic priest. Better than the first film The Nun II narrative is a little muddled but it’s the mid credit scene that conjures up an intriguing premise for a third film.

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