The secrets behind the newsstand sequence in The Nun II

the newsstand sequence in The Nun II - we go behind the scenes

The trailer for The Nun II has several effectively creepy moments but its the newsstand sequence where the magazine pages flip over in the wind at a rapid rate to reveal the nun herself that has caught so many people’s attention. Director Michael Chaves was asked about the secrets behind the newsstand sequence.

He explained, ‘ Yeah, it was practical for 70 percent of it, I’d say, and then there became pieces that were just impossible to line up. Some of it was just wind blowing paper, and then it was handed off into some mechanical page flipping, which worked pretty nicely. Whenever you get into any mechanical rigs, things always go wrong, and so there was a little bit of cleanup throughout the sequence. At the very end, the last couple shots are a CG wall of pages as they’re kind of assembling, but a lot of it was in-camera. I want to do everything in-camera. I just thought, “That’s going to be the old-school, proper way of doing it, and I’ll get so many points off of doing that.” So if you can always start with that approach, it’s better.

He also went on to chat about the goat demon in the film saying, ‘We also started that way with one of our monsters, this goat demon. It’s largely practical. We actually moved his eyes a little bit to the side, and then we had these extensions for his claws because it became unsafe, basically. We couldn’t do what we wanted to do because it would’ve put him in danger, but beyond that, all of the fur and prosthetics are [practical]. [The performer] was in there for hours. So all of those in-camera efforts really pay off, and audiences respond to them. The other actors also respond to them. When you’re actually seeing these things, it sucks you into the moment, and that can be really effective.’

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