Is a film about disabled hitmen in bad taste or not?


The recent release , ‘Me Before You’, is doing well at the box office but has drawn a number of complaints about the wheelchair bound character played by Sam Claflin who’s drawn to euthanasia. Well frankly those protestors might go ballistic if they see this new Hungarian film called, ‘Kills on Wheels’, a comedy thriller about two wheelchair bound men who form a partnership with another wheelchair bound male who happens to be a hitman who then offer their joint services as hitmen for the mob.

Zoltán Fenyvesi, plays one of the leads (check his twitter handle of @wheelchairguy) and in Hungary is something of a celebrity figure where he lives life to the full although some might say to the extreme.

Bizarrely it’s been produced by Judit Stalter who made the Oscar and Cannes Grand Prix-winning Son Of Saul, a particularly grim bit of viewing (see our review) about a concentration camp and ‘Kills on Wheels’ seems to be at the other end of the spectrum

It’s playing at many of the film festivals soon and is released in France afterwards . No news yet on a UK/US release date.

Here’s the trailer……see what you think and let us know……


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