Why Furiosa’s shaven head is not a shaven head….


With Furiosa now opening i cinemas worldwide with Anya Taylor-Joy in the title audiences might be surprised as to why Furiosa’s shaven head is not a shaven head at all

As per all the posters and in the film itself Furiosa clearly has a shaved head both in “Fury Road” and the new prequel and Taylor-Joy was game to get a buzz cut, but Miller would not let her for two reasons. Firstly and for an an entirely practical reason Miller wasn’t sure if they would film in order, and Furiosa only goes bald in the final act of the film. The second reason was purely for the sake of preserving her hair. “I said, ‘Please!’” Taylor-Joy recalls. “But George is such a softie. He saw my hair and he said, ‘It’s beautiful. Don’t do it.’” Instead, Taylor-Joy settled on wearing a prosthetic bald cap molded to her scalp. And in the scene when Furiosa finally goes warrior mode and shaves it all off: “That’s a second bald cap that has hair that I can actually cut.”…and that’s why Furiosa’s shaven head is not a shaven head….

A few other fascinating behind the scenes snippets have also emerged about the makig of the film. For crew’s safety, Miller never used real bullets or even blanks in the film. “George was like, ‘Nothing will be coming out of them,’” Taylor-Joy says. She had to perform the guns’ kick herself. Having practiced on a firing range she said, “So I experienced what it was like to shoot these individual weapons, and then you have to fake it.”

Despite all the vehicles in the film being driven at speed Taylor-Joy doesn’t have a driver’s license!

Director Edgar Wright recommended Taylor-Joy after he he shown his film Last Night in Soho to George Miller who then had a long phone call with the actress after which Taylor-Joy put herself on tape for him — reenacting the famous monologue from 1976’s “Network” in which Peter Finch declares, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this any more!” Taylor-Joy had never seen the film, but she made the iconic moment of rage her own. Miller called her with a note, and she then sent him a second tape, showing that she’d be adept at following his direction. Miller offered Taylor-Joy the job by calling her and saying something to the effect of “So when you come to Australia?”

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