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Why Furiosa’s shaven head is not a shaven head….

With Furiosa now opening i cinemas worldwide with Anya Taylor-Joy in the title audiences might be surprised as to why Furiosa's shaven head is...

Furiosa – REVIEW

When you have written and directed ‘Fury Road’ one of the greatest action films of modern times just how do you top it? That’s...

Why George Miller had to make Furiosa…..

With the release of a new poster and the film to premiere at Cannes in May the PR machine is ramping up and we...

Furiosa – TRAILER

Mad Max Fury Road was an astonishing spectacle and was rightly Oscar nominated including best picture, director, cinematography and visual effects and won in...

The Max Max prequel problem…..

Mad Max Fury Road had a notoriously problematic production (read about it HERE) not helped by the two stars who didn't see eye to...