A Wasp spin off from Ant Man?


With a third Ant Man about to be released starting the next phase of Marvel films the actors have been doing the interview rounds and actress Evangeline Lilly who plays the wasp spoke about a Wasp spin off film.

“I’m going to make a pitch that I think it might be time for a Wasp standalone film,” she said at the recent La premiere of Ant Man and the Wasp : Quantomania . Adding “Do we agree? Do we agree?”

To date there have only been three female led DC films 2019’s “Captain Marvel,” 2021’s “Black Widow” and 2022’s “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” but she is hoping that a wasp spin off will be the fourth. As  Hope Van Dyne / Wasp her character background had been left unexplored but Lilly has gone on to say she wants to explore her, ‘shadow side’ saying ‘At the very, very beginning, you have this sense that like there was a darkness in her that could have gone the wrong way,”.

Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas & Evangeline introduce the UK premiere of Ant Man

Warning to her theme she added, ‘Everything else since then has been really about her competence and her integrity. But there’s more to her than just competence and integrity. What are the things that are dangerous for her? What are her vices? What are the places where if you poke her, she might fall apart or she might turn to the dark side? That’s where I would want to go.”

She was asked about her future in the role and replied , ‘“These are a commitment. They take a lot to do, and I have two kids at home. Every time that call comes in, I take a deep breath and go, ‘Whoa, am I ready for this? Am I willing to do it again?’ But every time I do. I do it again.”

Here’s a chat we had with Evangeline Lilly a little while ago…

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