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Apocalypse Clown – REVIEW

apocalypse clown review

After Stephen King’s book ‘It’, clowns would never be looked at the same way again perhaps even more so when three consecutively found themselves elected as the UK’s conservative prime minister.  Apocalypse Clown is a Dublin set comedy where a disparate number of clowns including Bobo (David Earl), Funzo (Natalie Palamides), Pepe (Fionn Foley)  and The Great Alphonso (Ivan Kaye) along with local journalist Jenny (Amy De Bhrun) find themselves spending the night in police cells after an altercation at a fellow clowns funeral.

It’s only when they are released that they find something has occurred overnight that has seen the city, if not the world, plunged into a technological blackout. So with Bobo at the wheel the clan of clowns find themselves riding a clapped out old banger (for once not Amanda Holden) that belongs to Bobo as they travel across Ireland wearing their ludicrous outfits that would have seen them blend in seamlessly in London Fashion Week in their last attempt at becoming a successful act.

Something of a road movie there’s an array of decent characters well played here. David Earl , best known for his supporting characters in Ricky Gervais TV series is excellent as the frustrated clown who’s never made it and holds a dream to perform the act he believes will make him a star, Alphonso is an arrogant self important egotist with unerring belief that he is the Alpha clown in a manner that would have Boris Johnson suing for copyright,  Jenny is the journo who believes she has a scoop convinced the cause of the blackout is a solar flare cover up and Funzo is a psychotic East European clown that would appear to regard Pennywise as a role model.  Thrown into this is that Bobo and Jenny had a fling that sees colleagues nicknaming her a ‘clownf**cker’ in the same manner as the ex-boyfriends of Gemma Collins must be. But it’s Funzo a banned street performer who’s bitten the ear off a living statue that sees them pursued by two living statues proving that for once that inertia is not their only talent but pursuing clowns is too.

As written by Damian Fox & Shane O’Brien along with director George Kane there are flashes of brilliance here (listen to the English translation of a French song over the end credits) in Apocalypse Clown and the cast give it their all with Funzo’s squawking East European accent becoming increasingly more grating as the film goes on but there’s a very entertaining supporting character, a bitchy TV presenter, who is all too honest in her questions and remarks to guests and other journos which could have done with more screen time. It is a little bit patchy but when its good, it’s very good.

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We chatted with David earl about the making of the film plus his worst day of stand up comedy…..

Here’s the Apocalypse Clown trailer……



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