Arnie to star in new actioner, ‘Breakout’….


It’s been four years since his last film Terminator Dark Fate but despite him now being 75 years old news is in that Arnie to star in new actioner, ‘Breakout’….

The film will see him Arnie take on the lead role of Terry Reynolds and when his stepson is framed and sentenced to 25 years in a foreign country, Reynolds makes a daring jailbreak to save him and must overcome an overzealous prison warden in a race against time to avoid capture and flee the country. Quite whether we’ll hear him shout, ‘Get to da choppa! is unconfirmed

The Expendables 4 filmmaker Scott Waugh is aboard to direct which is is due to kick off this year in Eastern Europe. Richard D’Ovidio wrote the screenplay based on a story he co-created with Nicole D’Ovidio. His first produced screenplays include 2001’s ‘Exit Wounds’ with scowling spacehopper Steven Seagal and also the horror film, ‘Thir13een Ghosts’. This latest film is to be a big budget production that we normally associate with Arnie and of late he’s been doing voiceovers and even a TV series ‘Fubar’ that to be released to streaming soon.

The nearest he’s been to this kind of prison breakout movie was the entertaining, ‘Escape Plan’ with Stallone so quite what this will be like remains to be seen when its released next year.

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