Biggest box office earners of 2022


With the world’s cinema still clawing its ways back from the pandemic the industry is only just starting to get back to where it was in terms of box office earnings yet despite that only three films broke the magic one billion mark and one of them is still going strong with the real possibility that it could break the $2b mark. That film is of course Avatar the Way of Water ensuring that we will get at least one if not two more sequels

We have focussed on the mainstream Hollywood films but there are 5 films which would be in the Top Twenty with the biggest earning being Water Gate Bridge earing $626m. But those films aside here are the biggest box office earners of 2022.

Avatar The Way of Water                                $1.516b….and counting!

Top Gun Maverick                                           $1.488b

Jurassic World Dominion                                 $1.001b

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness    $955m

Minions The Rise of Gru                                    $939m

Wakanda Forever                                             $822m

The Batman                                                     $770m

Thor Love and Thunder                                     $760m

Fantastic Beasts the Secret of Dumbledore         $406m

Sonic the Hedgehog 2                                       $402m

Uncharted                                                        $401m

Black Adam                                                      $392m

Elvis                                                                $287m

The Bad Guys                                                  $250m

Bullet Train                                                      $239m

Lightyear                                                         $226m

Smile                                                              $216m

DC League of Superpets                                   $207m

The Lost City                                                   $190m

Nope                                                               $171m

Though many of the earning seem impressively huge not all is as it seems. Wakanda Forever earned $550m less than the first film. It was not the only superhero film disappointment with Black Adam barely breaking even and any possible sequel at present seeming unlikely. And whilst Minions continued its successful franchise run Pixar had a very disappointing year with Lightyear performing poorly and Jordan Peele’s third film, ‘Nope’ earned less than his previous two films. It’s the horror film Smile that was the sleeper hit of the year a relatively small budgeted film that stormed the box office – read our review HERE


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