Halloween continues …….

Halloween continues

After thirteen films where the last film saw masked maniac Michael Myers die and the films title Halloween Ends suggesting the end of the franchise it would appear that its now over. What were we thinking? Since the first film back in 1978 there have been thirteen films which in total have earned $884m over the decades and fans still with an appetite the studios are circling the franchise in a bidding war. So it would seem that Halloween continues .

The recent David Gordon Green-directed sequel trilogy of films for Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions’ was seen as the final outing for that franchise and the rights to the series are now back with its original owners at Miramax who are hawking them around Hollywood where its nit just the studios but the streamers too who are showing interest with Miramax open to offers from both mediums.

The one definitive thing that is known is that Jamie Lee Curtis, now with an Oscar,  will not be returning as Laurie Strode. In fact in the junket for Halloween Ends she said, ‘I don’t give a f**k about Michael Myers!’ adding , ‘I don’t even consider him on any level. He doesn’t exist as far as I’m concerned’ Although in fairness she did say that ‘ I take it really seriously. the only way Laurie Strode can have integrity is if I have integrity about it….and I am Laurie!’

The first film in 19978 was made on a budget of only $325,000 but earned $47m at the box office and since then the films have had varying success with the 2018 “Halloween,” earning $259 million at the box-office with Halloween Ends making $104m.

It seems assured then that Halloween continues…

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