Hang on….for Cliffhanger 2!


Cliffhanger was the film that resurrected Sylvester Stallone’s career in 1993. After a string of dismal comedies that had flopped worse than our Editor’s attempt at diving into his hotel pool on holiday the film film was a huge success earning $255m off a $70m budget. As now seems the form decades later we’re about to get a long belated sequel with the announcement of Cliffhanger 2

Stallone will return as mountain climber Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Walker and helming the film will be  Ric Roman Waugh whose previous films include Gerard Butler actioner ‘Angel Has Fallen’ and the under rated Greenland. On writing detail will be screenwriter Mark Bianculli whose credits include several TV series. Stallone is no slouch when it comes to writing having co-written the original film so its likely that he may well have input from him too. We would have liked to see Renny Harlin return too as he pulled off some superb set pieces in the first film but his career has never really recovered from 2004’s disastrous ‘The Exorcist : The Beginning’. And the original film was known to be an incredibly demanding shoot which almost bankrupted Carolco the production company _ in the end it would be the Harlin helmed pirate movie, ‘Cutthroat Island’ that would finish off the company,

Little is known about the story but it is rumoured that Stallone will get some help getting up those mountain ranges this time round with the production issuing a statement saying that casting is currently underway for a lead to headline the film’s ensemble cast. In fairness Stallone is seventy seven years old this year although he has an incredibly busy schedule ahead of him and we’ve got The Expendables 4 later this year with him in the lead again

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