How they shot Boiling Point in one take……


Nominated for a whole load of BIFA 2021 awards Boiling Point sees Stephen Graham as a chef under pressure in his personal and professional life which all comes to a head one night. Though the Oscar nominated ‘1917’ was seemingly in shot one take it was actually a number of extremely well shot and cleverly edited lengthy takes as outlined HERE but in Boiling Point remarkably the whole 90 minute running time was shot in one take due to the first lockdown in March 2020 that would have made the filming impossible. Director Phillip Barantini spoke about how they shot Boiling Point in one take….

Philip Barantini : It was incredibly daunting. Shooting a whole film in one take hasn’t been done much before, but we knew from the short that it was possible on some level. One of the keys was finding the right restaurant space to shoot it. We settled on this restaurant where I worked as a chef, so I knew the layout of the place like the back of my hand. It’s all open plan, it’s very different to the short, but we were able to write the script around that location. There was no dialogue in the script, the way we wrote it was just bullet points which listed what we needed to be said at what point. We workshopped the script with the actors, so getting the right actors who can not only improvise, but be completely open and vulnerable to any eventuality.

How they shot Boiling Point in one take.......

On rehearsing the film in one take…..

……We ran the whole thing through beat by beat maybe three or four times, and then we gave ourselves four consecutive nights to shoot it over. We were going to do it twice per night, once when we arrived at 6 o’clock, and then we’d have a three-hour break, reset the whole restaurant, and then we’d do it again. That was the plan, we were ready, everyone was pumped. We thought we had eight shots at it, we’re bound to get it once. All the time this was happening, there was this COVID thing looming over us. People were starting to get worried, there were warnings to wash your hands. On the Monday we did two takes, there were a few flaws, I had tons of notes, but we got through them. The producers called me that night and said we’re going to have to shut it down after one more day. The pressure was on. Everybody knew it could be the last one, so everybody brought their A-game, and the first take on the second night was the one we used. A week later we were in lockdown.

On whether he would shoot his next film in one take……

…….People often ask me that. A week after we’d shot it, I would have said absolutely not, no fucking chance, it was absolutely insane. But now, I really miss that way of working, I’d love to film something else like that again. By the end of it everyone was exhausted, and the cheer! I’ll never forget the cheer when we finished filming it the first time, the first full take. It was like we’d all won the World Cup, it was just euphoric. We actually shot tons and tons of footage behind-the-scenes, and we’re actually looking to put together a documentary. I want to make sure everyone understands it is one true take. People try and figure out where we could have made a cut, and I’m not going to lie about it. This is what we set out to do and this is what we’ve done.

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source : Variety


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