How would Ridley Scott’s Alien trilogy prequels ended?

Alien trilogy prequels - How would Ridley Scott have ended it?

After 1997’s ‘Alien Resurrection’ faltered at the box office the franchise seemed dead but fifteen years later there was huge anticipation when it was announced that Ridley Scott would return to helm a fifth film titled Prometheus and audiences flocked to see the film only to find it was a very different entity to what they were expecting.  Nonetheless it still made $403m off a  $130m budget. Intended as a part of Ridley Scott Alien trilogy prequels and it was decided that a second film should return to more of the horror first seen in the early Alien films.

But these new Alien trilogy prequels were to be built around Michael Fassbender’s android David  struggling with his own existence but also creating a new alien species based on the research by the ‘Engineers’ in Prometheus. But the second film fared badly earning only $240m off its $97m budget, a huge drop on Prometheus and it put an end to any hopes of the trilogy being completed.

But David’s exploits would destroy the Alien timeline. Covenant was not the end of the story  and the final part of the trilogy was  to see him creating the final incarnation of the Alien which would lead into 1979’s Alien.

Alien Covenant was set in 2104  and Alien (1979)  was set in 2122 – an 18 year gap in the story narrative and this intended third film would have offered a definitive reason for Nostromo’s mission on LV-426. However doing so would have had to ignore the Alien v Predator spin offs along with Predator 2. With their contemporary setting where an Easter egg inside the predator ship established that the Alien already existed in the form we recognise from the 1979 film and were being hunted as per the AvP series.

However it the third prequel would have ended its unlikely that we will ever see it be made and certainly not on the big screen although we have director Fede Alvarez’ Alien Romulus out in summer 2024 which may answer some questions

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