Is No Time to Die delayed to 2022?


If there was one film that was hugely anticipated for 2020 its was the new Bond film and Daniel Craig’s last in the iconic role, No Time to Die…..and then the pandemic arrived and its release like so many others was moved. But is No Time to Die delayed to 2022 a full two years after its original release date?

Currently set for the 30th September 2021 release the eyes are all on the money namely the money its needs to turn a profit. Filed with Companies House in London last year the budget was $296m which included interest accrued but a year later that it now risen to $314m. Add in marketing costs of approx $150m and it takes the budget to just over $450m. Though Bond films partly offset their costs with, at times, some blatant product placement as well as tie-in deals the film still needs a bumper box office. To put that into some sort of perspective  exhibitors takes 50% so the film must earn at least $900 million to break even. Skyfall the most successful film took $1.1billion whilst the second most profitable Bond film was Spectre with $880m.

No Time to Die delayed to 2022? - here's what we know so far......

Now we’re living in special times since the pandemic hit and since lockdown lifted the only blockbuster to have come close to this is Fast 9 with $662m itself a huge drop with the previous two films having broken the $1billion barrier. the thinking therefore is that the Bond film will fall far short of its needed $900m and No Time to Die delayed to 2022 when hopefully more of the world has a grip on the disease with more people vaccinated it will offer the film a far better chance at the box-office. It would also tie in nicely with the franchises 60th anniversary.

At the moment this is speculation with EON and MGM yet to comment.



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