Is this to be Clint Eastwood’s final film?


So we have to admit that we have always been huge Clint Eastwood fans but its probably fair to say that his last few films have hardly set the box office alight with ‘Richard Jewell’ earning $44m, and ‘The 15:17 to Paris’ making $57m. His last big hit was 2018’s film,  ‘The Mule’ which he starred in and made $174m. His association with Warners has been long at fifty years and counting but with the recent overhaul at the company  its rumoured that CEO David Zaslav was not happy with Eastwood’s last film ‘Cry Macho’ being greenlit made worse by the film only making $16m worldwide. It’s been reported that his his next film is being internally billed at Warner Bros. Pictures as being Clint Eastwood’s, “final film”. Titled “Juror #2,” Nicholas Hoult and Toni Collette are rumored to be starring in the film, which follows one jury member in a murder trial who suspects he may have had some part in the victim’s death. He is caught in a moral conundrum of whether to use his secret to sway the jury away and protect himself or turn himself over to the justice system he is participating in.

Though there’s a slight chance that he might make another the report suggests that he will retire completely after the creation of this film. In fairness Clint Eastwood turns 93 in May this year and with 45 film credit as director and 72 as an actor nearly always playing the lead he has done his time and has four Oscars to show for it – 2 for Million Dollar baby (Best Director and Best Film) and two for Unforgiven ( Best Director and Best Film again). he was awarded a fifth honourary Oscar in 1995 – the Irving Thalberg Memorial award for his contribution to cinema. “Juror #2,” could be Clint Eastwood’s final film.

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